Get Involved

Are you a community organizer, faith leader, professor, scientist, environmentalist, landscape designer, engineer, businessperson, elected official, government employee or potential funder? If so, and you are interested in our work, please contact us.

I work with government/nonprofit and wish to help people affected by environmental damage and climate change

A key part of our work is to act as a liaison between vulnerable communities, and those with the skills and resources to help them: federal, state, and local government and their agencies, professional associations and nonprofits. 

I am involved in relevant research

We partner with scholars and scientists to ensure that their research and discoveries are taken into account in the development of technologies, products, and services that reduce risks. 

I am a business that works on environmental issues and climate risk mitigation

Businesses are critical incubators of research and innovation around environmental mitigation and action on climate change. We are keen to learn more about your activities and will be glad, when appropriate, to match your services to the needs of individuals and communities. Please contact us. You may also want to consider becoming a Founding Sponsor of one of our initiatives.

I am an individual concerned about my community

You can get involved by raising awareness about Anthropocene Alliance and our initiatives. You can do this through our social media, by volunteering or interning, or by donating money to our efforts.

Careers and Volunteers

We have the following volunteer positions open:

Social media and database design

We are seeking volunteers with expertise in social media and digital platforms.

Internship opportunities

As a volunteer or student intern working for Anthropocene Alliance, you’ll work for a creative nonprofit that’s just getting started. This will give you exposure to a little bit of everything including public policy research and advocacy, non-profit management, fundraising, and communications.

Internships are individually crafted to reflect the interests of the volunteer.  Please get to know Anthropocene Alliance through our website so that you’ll know what initiatives match your commitments and educational needs.

If you are a student, we will work closely with you to ensure that you receive academic credit for internships whenever possible. Internships are unpaid and you should not expect a job at Anthropocene Alliance at the end of your time with us.

Please contact Harriet Festing to discuss these opportunities.