Sponsors and Donors

Sponsors provide Anthropocene Alliance a financially stable future and allow us to make big plans!  They will be individually and permanently recognized on our website (if they want to be) and given an early heads-up about coming events, announcements and achievements. They may support us various levels:

Mountain Green: $25,000

Forest Green: $10,000

Fern Green: $5,000

Sedge Green: $3,000

Moss Green: $1500

Contact us (Harriet@AnthropoceneAlliance.org) to learn more about being an Anthropocene Alliance donor.

Donors are our bread and olive oil. They help us in our day to day work, provide the seed money for major initiatives, and constitute a stable core of friends and advisors. They will receive all our newsletters and blogs and early notice of Aa events and opportunities. They may donate at any level, from one buck to a thousand or more.

Anthropocene Alliance is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.