Anthropocene Alliance is committed to combating climate change and conserving the earth’s environment. That environment is shared by more than 8 million animal species in addition to humans, and its protection must therefore also mean animal protection. 

More than 9 billion animals are killed for food every year in the U.S. alone. Animal agriculture contributes up to 30% of global greenhouse gasses. Only by cultivating a politics and ethics of care toward all sentient beings can humans hope to create a just and sustainable world. That’s why we have launched VGNPWR (Vegan Power), an initiative to put vegans in their place: at the head of the campaign for a just and sustainable world!

VGNPWR will:

  • train and support existing vegan groups around the country to help them advocate for more and better plant based foods in restaurants, schools and hospitals.
  • act as a liaison between vegan groups and national environmental organization.
  • ensure that the joy and justice of plant based eating is impressed upon environmental and social justice non-profits, as well as trade associations, food companies, and state and local governments.
  • support local farmers in key communities to help ensure the broad availability of fresh fruit and vegetables. Access to good, healthy food, grown in a just and sustainable way, should be a right, not a luxury.
  • participate in trials of technologies, products, marketing and services intended to promote a vegan diet. But VGNPWR will never support organizations and business that use vegan foods as window dressing for animal agriculture.
  • provide a strong and independent voice for billions of animals currently doomed to suffering and death from the meat industry. Animal protection and mainstream environmental organizations should all send the same message: Go Vegan!

We work in all kinds of communities, but especially focus on places affected by poverty and a chronic lack of access to fresh, healthy, plant-based foods. Working people and communities of color are fast becoming the best advocates for food, animal and environmental justice.

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