Vegan Power

Anthropocene Alliance is committed to combating climate change and conserving the earth’s environment. That environment is shared by more than 8 million animal species in addition to humans, and its protection must therefore also mean animal protection. 

More than 9 billion animals are killed for food every year in the U.S. alone. Animal agriculture contributes up to 30% of global greenhouse gasses. Only by cultivating a politics and ethics of care toward all sentient beings can humans hope to create a just and sustainable world. That’s why we will soon be launching Vegan Power, an initiative to promote a vegan or plant based diet. We aim to bring vegans together to advocate for better access to plant-based foods in schools, hospitals, restaurants and markets, and for a more ethical, healthy and sustainable food system.

We’ll do this by:

  • supporting the set-up of Vegan Power Groups that offer practical guidance.
  • acting as a liaison between the Groups and service-providers: restaurants, schools, hospitals, local farms, food-banks, food companies, non-profits, trade associations, as well as local and state governments and their agencies.
  • supporting local farms that grow fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • participating in trials of technologies, products, and services; and
  • providing a strong and independent voice that represents the interests of animals as well as millions of current and aspiring Vegan Power consumers.

A website for Vegan Power will be set up in the latter part of 2017.


Pulheim Jam Session - video still, Johanna Billing, 2015

Pulheim Jam Session - video still, Johanna Billing, 2015